About Us
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About Us

About Paraffin Oil Refinery and Manufacturing L.L.C

Paraffin Oil Refinery and Manufacturing L.L.C, has been established in 2006 with the primary focus of manufacturing and marketing of specialty lubricants, hydraulic brake fluids and automotive radiator coolants, with the facility of plastic bottles manufacturing unit, we are one of the largest lubricant manufacturing plant in U.A.E with a strong competitive edge in producing quality lubricants. We provide our customers with superior products along with competitive prices.Our products are branded in the names of PARAFFIN, MSD and many more. We have a wide range of products meeting the standards of different application, we distributes our products to many countries including Middle East and Africa.  We have been operating a successful operation and providing a best services thru out these countries.

Our Vision


We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith, we grow through creativity, invention and innovation.  We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioningour product portfolio covers a wide range lubricants, from standard mineral oils to the latest synthetic fluids that meet the requirements of original equipment manufacturer.

The strength of company is its well-structured our team is highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic to serve the needs of the market. All our products manufactured in-house are tested on various quality parameters as detailed in quality control section

Quality Control & Laboratory

Being one of the leading traders of petrochemicals in the United Arab Emirates, Paraffin ensures that each of its products is manufactured with utmost care and precision to produce optimum quality. We are fully equipped with a state of the art testing facilities. The laboratory is the heart of our quality control, where each product featuring an advanced blend of premium quality base stock and additive, is carefully tested.All raw materials pass through stringent quality test before commencing blending, filling and packing, thus maintaining the high standards of our products.




We are a company where our employees are the most valuable assets, and our success and achievements will always be a byproduct of their satisfaction and happiness. Our team is dedicated and committed to fulfill the customer expectations on various factors including quality control, Nearly 50 employees in the manufacturing and processing facilities.  Hope to give more employments in coming years.

Our Mission

Paraffin Oil Refinery and Manufacturing L.L.Caspire to be more than a lubricant manufacturer by providing innovative product and solutions to our customerand we will continue to demonstrate its ability in setting new standards and benchmarks across the industry with focus on attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We are committed to provide the most recent and advanced technology in the lubricants business and maintains highly responsive and Flexible logistics to ensure timely supplies and efficient service throughout the region. We are known for our high quality assurance and level of innovation.

Please visit our website for our various ranges of product descriptions:www.paraffinlubricants.com

Or mail to us: info@paraffinlubricants.com